Welcome to Beautiful Arizona Land


Since 1985

Most of these properties are situated between I-40 Freeway at Yucca, Arizona and the Hualapai Mountains just to the east.  It is a prettier than usual desert area, not crowded and still one of the quieter parts of the western USA.

Units 1, 2, and 3 are what I call the quick access lots. They are generally level, easy to build on, with very good views and fairly close to Interstate 40 Freeway. People choose these because they are great for camping and exploring western Arizona including the Colorado River, Laughlin and the casinos. A few nice homes are either built or being built here. Mine in Unit 3 is one of them. I have been living here full time for 19 years.

Units 4, 5, 6 and 7 are prettier, but they are back from the road and good for building and for extended stays. They have more vegetation and they are likely to be close to buttes and the mountains and they are ideal for home building, hiking, horse riding, bicycling and the like. Unit 6 is the prettiest of all the Units, but it is often 4 wheel drive only.

Unit 9 is closest to the taller mountains, it is greener, has some electrical power and most of the nicest homes are up there. You get the three dimensional effect there because you are so close to the mountains. Views may be as much as 75 miles.

All lots front on dirt roads bladed in 40 plus years ago, so there may be some brushing to do. They are surveyed and have a steel stake at each corner.

You can build in any style, 2x4s and 2x6s, straw bales, adobe and other styles welcome.

For investment, recreation and home building, call King Metten at 928-897-4888